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 Shōchū  焼酎 (distilled Japanese liquor)

The refined shōchū we vividly recommend is produced paying a special attention to raw materials` quality, taste and water`s cleanliness. (further details)

Ageman あげまん ( Imojōchū: distilled potato`s liquor )

Liquor produced by distilling the high quality potato benikotobuki. (紅寿芋). Very soft and easy to drink, it is an article of superb quality. We suggest to drink it on the rocks. The concept lying beyond it is the image of a gentle, old style Japanese woman who walks two or three steps behind her husband.


[raw version, alc.40%, 720ml] 3,360 yen

[standard, alc.25%, 1.8 lt] 2,650 yen

[standard, alc.25%,720ml] 1,575 yen


“Ageman” is said to be a general term referring to all Japanese women in the aftermath of WWII. During the reconstruction of Japan, they worked and kept the house at the same time, giving hope and joy to the entire family.

Baku ばく (mugijōchū: distilled wheat`s liquor) 

Simply “gentle to your body”…we made it to be healthy and pleasant to drink. We offer two types: a full body type and a softer type (with the same % of alcohol).


BOTTLE PRICE (for both “hard” and “soft” Baku)

(alc.25%, 720ml) 1,600 yen

(alc.25%,1.8 lt) 3,000 yen



Baku refers to both a Japanese rare word for “wheat” (commonly called “mugi”) and to a legendary Far Eastern animal that was said to feed himself with human dreams. (By the way, our company`s name “Tomu” means “a flying dream”)


   Nihonshu (Japanese sake)

All our sake bottles have been carefully selected focusing on rice quality and makers`skills and reputation. The names have been assigned by our customers.

Tomu Junmaidaiginjōshu (100% rice)

 Endowed with delicate taste and subtle fragrance. We put our name on the bottle to convey the message : this is one of the best items we sell…



(alc.15%, 720ml) 5,250 yen

(alc.15%, 1.8 lt) 10,500 yen

Tomu Daiginjōshu

Endowed with delicate taste and subtle fragrance. We put our name on the bottle to convey the message: this is one of the best items we sell…



(alc.15%, 720ml) 3,150 yen

(alc.15%,1.8lt) 5,250 yen

“Roku” Junmaiginjōshu (100% rice). Mature type.

Characterized by a quiet fragrance and a very graceful taste, this liquor is supposed to sooth whoever drinks it. Please imagine the sunlight, gently poured into a wood with small birds chirping... while you enjoy it. This is for people tired of city life who are looking for some purely relaxing experience.



(alc. 15%, 720ml) 1,650 yen

(alc.15%,1.8 lt) 3,260 yen


“Roku” comes from Chinese and refers to a “liquid (liquor) nicely tinged of green”. It was a customer`s suggestion.

“Roku” Junmaiginjōshu (100% rice). Unfiltered raw type.

A fruity fragrance and refreshing taste are its strength.


(alc.16%, 720ml) 1,470 yen

(alc.16%, 1.8 lt) 2,940

“Kai” Junmaishu (100% rice).

“I`m so tired, I want take a deep breath!” When you feel this way “Kai” is a perfect option for you. Most people feel nostalgic about some countryside landscapes experienced during their childhood. This sake wants to awake the child inside you and make him run happily once again, along that country road crowded with fireflies…



(alc. 15%, 720ml) 1500 yen

(alc. 15%, 1.8 lt.) 2,960 yen


[かい]Kai means to “turn around”, and can be interpreted as “to be reborn” from an eastern perspective, referring also to the memories that are “reborn” in one`s mind.


“Toki no mai” (“the four seasons` dance”) junmaishu (100% rice)

We wish you to enjoy a pleasant “sake life” in harmony with the four seasons.

This very flexible sake can be drunk cold or hot, while eating or without eating, and will always give you pleasure.



(alc.15%, 720ml) 1,250 yen

(alc.15%,1.8 lt) 2,500 yen

Kamui (honjōzōshu) Sake is said to be the “nectar of the gods”. We would like you to have some of that “nectar” before going to sleep, so that it can give you strength and energy to face the next day`s challenges. It is a nice smelling and refreshing companion.  


(alc.15%, 720ml) 950 yen

(alc.15%, 1.8 lt) 1995 yen

Yukishiro (sparkling Japanese sake, limited item) junmaishu (100% rice)

This new product`s concept has been that of a beer-like or champagne-like sake. It provides the consumer with an amazing balance of sweetness and acidity, together with a low (7%) alcoholic content. There a white and a pink variety.




(alc.7%, 720ml) 1,200 yen



The image we had in mind was that of snow melting down and flowing into a river. The deposit bouncing up and blending when you open the bottle resembles such a scene.

The dear old Nigorizake: sparkling junmaishu (100% rice)

Slightly sweet and acid. You can enjoy its traditionally fizzy sensation. It`s made from an activated yeast, similar to the one used for famous old “Doburoku”.



(alc.7%, 720ml) 1,200 yen



“MAKE JAPAN” series

We would love to transmit a faithful image of Japanese culture and its aesthetic values.

For this purpose “SUSHI DVD SET”, “GREEN TEA DVD SET” and “SAKE DVD SET” are on sale at our member stores.

Recently a new idea of “Japanese style” is spreading around the world, heralded by cars, hi-tech goods, animation, sushi, Akihabara`s “subculture”. Nevertheless, the basic level of knowledge needed to fully appreciate all these goods has not kept the pace with the strong demand for them. That`s why we gave birth to a DVD set series. While watching the DVD you will easily learn how to make your own sushi or green tea, and how to fully enjoy Japanese sake. This is the advantage of DVDs over books on the same subjects. And of course, all of them are bilingual (Japanese and English).

They are ideal souvenirs from Japan for tourists and businessmen, perfect to organize home parties, etc.





-DVD lecturing on sake`s history, the way to drink it, the importance of rice and sake to the Japanese, sake`s manufacturing process


-Two bottles of Japanese sake

-The necessary tools to enjoy it cold or hot (ochoko, tokuri, tsubo)


PRICE: 6,825 yen






-DVD lecturing on basic notions about sushi, the ways professional chefs make it, the important manners to respect in a sushi restaurant


-sushioke (sushi bucket), shamoji (rice scoop), makisu (small bamboo mat), hashi (chopsticks)

-nori dried seaweeds, wasabi, shōyu (soy sauce), sushi vinegar in powder

-instant rice


PRICE: 4,410 yen







-DVD with expert lecturing on the correct way to make Japanese green tea, its history and manners

-kyūsu (small traditional tea pot), n.2 chawan (teacups), ocha (green tea)


PRICE: 2,940 yen



  MOESHU moe” style sake 


With their fruity fragrance and refreshing aftertaste, they deliver a moment of happiness.

These bottles have been conceived to attract Japanese young people`s attention and to make them rediscover that taste of sake they are gradually forgetting. As we sell them in limited quantities, be quick to order!

Comments from makers and sellers.

makers: “ We tried to make it following the concept of sweetness and freshness symbolized by the character on the label. It`s a very easy start for beginners of sake.”

Sellers: “Japanese sake is the most suitable drink for people who grew up eating rice. We would really like young people to try it!”


Moeshu “Sweets Nadeshiko” Junmai (100% rice)

PRICE: 2,000 yen

Capacity: 500 ml (sold in transparent plastic boxes)

Alcohol: 14~15%

Maker: Buyū 武勇 (Ibaraki pref., Yuki city)

Designer: Renga Kijima (貴島煉瓦)

Selling shops: ALL TOMU MEMBERS.

Moeshu “Sweets Nadeshiko” Ginjō (premium quality)

PRICE: 2,600 yen

Capacity: 500 ml (sold in transparent plastic boxes)

Alcohol: 14~15%

Maker: Buyū

Designer: Renga Kijima

Selling shops: ALL TOMU MEMBERS

Moeshu “Tomulier” Ojō

PRICE: 1,450 yen

Capacity: 500 ml (sold in transparent plastic boxes)

Alcohol: 14-16%

Maker: Kaitō Otokoyama 開当男山(Fukushima pref.)

Designer: Yoshikazu Tajima

Selling shops: ALL TOMU MEMBERS

Moeshu “Tomulier” Ogin (junmaishu 100% rice)

PRICE: 1,890 yen

Capacity: 500 ml (sold in transparent plastic boxes)

Alcohol: 14-16%

Maker: Yoshikubo shuzō kabushikigaisha 吉久保酒造 (Ibaraki pref., Mito city)

Designer: Yoshikazu Tajima

Selling shops: ALL TOMU MEMBERS


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